Advanced Lighting and Electrical (ALE) understands the importance of keeping your lights burning bright. We offer a wide range of custom light maintenance plans tailored to meet the high demands of your industry. There are a wide array of benefits of utilizing an ALE Light Maintenance Plan, but the most beneficial is that the overall maintenance costs for your property is dramatically reduced by adding an extra level of oversight, which will save stakeholders the financial burden on the bottom line. Our contracts add value through the following areas:

  • Liability Reduction – reduce overall liability by ensuring that the lights always stay on
  • Lower Maintenance Costs - Identify and correct minor issues with the electrical and lighting systems before catastrophic failure occurs
  • Maintained Light Levels - Ensure proper light levels are maintained to ensure higher productivity from employees, safety, and increase sales margins
  • Forecast Maintenance Trends – Accurately plan and budget for annual maintenance costs
  • Energy Analysis - Monitor energy consumption and make progressive suggestions in efficiency

  • Being a lighting industry specific electrical contractor, we own and operate multiple pieces of high reach aerial equipment designed to reach even the most difficult areas that require service. This also allows us to quickly respond to requests for service when you need it most.
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    As of July 1, 2014, lighting controls became mandatory for all residential and non-residential buildings in order to be in compliance with the California Energy Code Title 24, Part 6. These new regulations focus on focus on deep energy savings utilizing the latest in advanced technology. Switching off the lights when a space is unoccupied, or dimming the lights when too much light is available, are all examples of areas that are required by the energy code.
    We are a certified CALCTP company and hold multiple certifications in lighting technology, and employ CALCTP certified technicians, which are capable of installing/commissioning new installations, or provide any necessary maintenance to existing systems. In order to ensure your system is operating effectively, and continues to provide energy savings, we offer a proactive maintenance program that will evaluate existing system, make necessary adjustments, and test system functionality on a fixed schedule.

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    Upgrade your existing incandescent exit signs with new energy efficient LED exit signs. A new LED exit sign has the potential to produce energy savings up to approximately 80% by switching from a 40 watt incandescent exit sign to a new 4 watt LED exit sign. In addition to energy savings, these new LED exit signs are available in a wide variety of designs to meet any application for you place of business.

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    A properly illuminated outdoor hardscape such as a parking lot, roadway, common area pathway, and landscape communicates that your establishment is professional, in touch with safety, and cares about its appearance. With this understanding, our goal is to help guide property owners with the maintenance and design aspect of maintaining and visually enhancing their property.

    ALE offers design and installation services utilizing the state of the art design practices and cutting edge design software. Additionally, we specialize in industry specific site inspections with custom preventative light maintenance programs that are performed by an assigned certified technician. These inspections can be performed during the day or at night depending on your needs. Site visits add an additional level of oversight that can identify issues before they become catastrophic. Our certified technicians can identify issues with equipment and provide appropriate recommendations. We also provide energy analysis of existing systems, which includes proactive recommendations for improvements and opportunities to retrofit to newer energy saving alternatives that alleviate expensive operating costs.

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    Light fixture cleaning is an important part of light maintenance that is typically overlooked or disregarded by property owners. Having clean light fixtures will increase the quality and quantity aspects of your lighting system. Studies have shown that without routine cleaning cycles, light levels can be diminished up to 10-25%. This is usually caused by dull reflective surfaces as a result of oxidation, insect activity, dirty bulbs, and the environment which they service. So, if the work environment is a manufacturing facility, chances are that the area produces a certain amount of soot that will settle on lighting components and require more routine fixture cleaning maintenance.

    This is also true for exterior lighting, as these fixtures are subject to local weather and heavy insect activity. Light depreciation also costs stakeholders capital on their bottom line. Example: If every light fixture was operating at 10% light loss depreciation (LLD) due to dirty surfaces, and it costs $20,000 a month to operate their light system, then the facility would have a loss of $2,000 a month in energy that is being wasted.

    Understanding these factors, we offer a comprehensive cleaning service each time a fixture is relamped during routine light maintenance, during all lighting service calls, and during a group relamp project. The light fixture surfaces, lenses, louvers, and sometime the lamps themselves are thoroughly dusted, washed, and inspected. Routine cleaning maintenance plans are also available and can be designed to fit the needs of your property.

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    Take advantage of group relamping your facility from top to bottom to ensure that your lighting continues to burn brightly. This can be beneficial to your facility, as it saves costs on expensive labor to randomly spot relamp, and will alleviate future lamp burn outs (LBO). Our highly trained team of Lighting Specialists are able to determine the rated life and lamp lumen depreciation (LLD)for each lamp and ballast combination. This is provided by each manufacturer, and with this knowledge we can calculate and forecast future time periods when failure will occur. A custom group relamping program can be set in place at specific intervals to ensure the lighting systems continue to provide adequate light levels to ensure safety and productivity in the work place.

    These programs are typically designed to perform group relamping at about 70-80% of the lamps' and/or ballasts useful life rating. If you are in a market where presentation is crucial for your business, then be aware that certain types of lamps can lose up 50% or more of their rated light output over the course of their life expectancy; consequently, the light loss will take away from the image that you are trying to display to your customers, employees, and community.

    Keep in mind that 50% less light does not equal 50% less energy utilized. The lamp and ballast will still continue to draw the same amount of energy, wasting half of the energy on light that wasn't produced to design specifications and costing the owners half of their electric bill.

    During the group relamping process, our technicians have the ability to detect damaged or broken sockets, determine if there is a faulty ballast causing the outage, and clean all fixtures, which over time has the ability to stop approximately 10-25% of light from being distributed.

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    An interior space can be comprised of an office space, warehousing, retail space, manufacturing, healthcare, and a residential dwelling. Each setting requires a different type of custom tailored atmosphere that is visually enhanced by the lighting system. When properly implemented, a lighting system can increase employee performance, offer an attractive and calming living environment, add value to a property, add in-depth visual effects, and highlight architecture.

    In order to provide solutions that create the optimum interior atmosphere, ALE offers design and installation services utilizing the state of the art design practices with cutting edge design software. Additionally, light maintenance programs are offered to maintain original design specifications.

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    As of February 9, 2006, lamp recycling is mandatory for all fluorescent and high intensity discharge lamps in order to be in compliance with California Title 22, division 4.5, chapter 11, section 66261.50. These lamps have been deemed as hazardous waste and need to be safely disposed of in order to help protect our environment, as these lamps contain small amounts of mercury and other poisonous gases. If broken can release these gases into our atmosphere. When we are requested to provide service to your facility or property, we will safely remove these lamps and have them disposed of by a state certified hazardous waste recycling center.

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    Want to bring out the beauty of your property at night? Landscape lighting when properly utilized can bring out the elegance as well as set the mood.

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    Over time light poles are subjected to weathering which can compromise the stability and structural integrity of any type of light pole, causing them to fail. There are many different ways water can enter into the interior of a pole, and it is typically dependent upon the type of light pole.

  • There are many different types of light poles. The two most common are direct burial and bolt on.

  • Direct burial poles usually corrode the fastest due to the light pole being installed inside concrete or buried directly in landscape soil. Both locations are frequently saturated in water which speeds up deterioration.

  • Bolt on poles are designed to anchor the light pole through the use of a steel or aluminum plate and fastened to a concrete base. These poles can corrode quickly if the concrete base is not properly formed to shed water from the base of the pole.

  • We offer ultrasonic pole testing which can test the thickness of metal in order to determine if the light pole is structurally sound. Our preventative maintenance light pole inspection can reduce the liability of your property should a pole be compromised. After our inspection we will submit a full report outlining our findings, options to correct any issues found, as well as a detailed site map indicating the locations of each pole. Light pole inspection is critical to prevent injury and property damage should a pole fall on your property.

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