• Safety – Increased visibility in dark/dim interiors or exteriors will reduce crime and avoid accidents such as trip and/or fall hazards, as well as vehicle collisions.
  • Security - According to law enforcement, a well-lit property deters crime up to 40%.
  • Visibility - Studies have shown that a well illuminated retail establishment results in increased sales revenue, as a bright establishment at night demonstrates safety and psychological allure.
  • Productivity – Increase the work output of your employees by creating a comfortable work environment.
  • Image Preservation - Maintain your projected image to your customer base or community with modern fixture styling and proper illumination.

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  • Maintenance Cost Reduction – Technological advances in lighting components in light fixtures have increased efficiency surpassing 100,000 burn hours before replacement is necessary.
  • Rebates - Local utility providers offer financial incentives for energy reduction, supporting an assortment of retrofit solutions. Contact one of our specialists to learn more!
  • Tax Credit – Did you know that in addition to utility rebate incentive programs, energy projects also qualify for federal tax credits lowering your overall taxable income.
  • Utility Expense Reduction - Reduce the cost of your monthly utility bill up to 50% with a modern efficient lighting system. Lighting energy reduction will also reduce usage of your central cooling system 30% through heat reduction.

  • Carbon Reduction – GO GREEN! and contribute to the overall decline of the man-made carbon footprint through energy efficiency. When less energy that is consumed, it reduces our overall draw on the power grid, lowering our demand for utility providers to generate electricity.
  • Waste Reduction - STAY CLEAN… Did you know that older lighting components contain mercury and other poisonous gases and materials? Newer technology has nearly eliminated these elements through eco-friendly designs. Also, longer lasting components eliminate waste up 400%, reducing local landfills.

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