Advanced Lighting and Electrical (ALE) is a full service electrical contractor capable of performing design build projects from start to finish. Equipped with the latest in cutting edge three dimensional lighting design software, ALE's Design Team is able to create the smallest to the most detailed layouts. Our choice of advanced software is capable of performing an assortment of detailed calculations from daylight harvesting, full range and preset dimming systems, general fixture schedules and layouts.

Whether your needs are new construction or general renovation projects, we specialize in all facets of lighting design. The ALE Design Team provides solutions based upon light distribution, light intensity, color rendering (CRI), energy consumption, and future maintenance costing.

Our Design Team is committed to ensuring that projects are designed with your specifications, budget, and timeline in mind. We strive to provide the highest level of communication and customer service during the design phase. The ALE Design Team takes into account the local and national energy efficiency codes including IESNA, LEED, and ASHRAE, in order to provide the highest level of sustainability. National Electric Code (NEC) and other International Building Codes (IBC) are also strictly followed.

Bridging the Gap...

After completing the design layout, ALE has the ability to transition projects to the building and installation phase. Containing both designers and installers in-house, ALE is able to draw on the strengths of both teams, alleviate miscommunication, and properly bridge the gap that can occur when two firms operating in different sectors come together, saving valued time and expense from stakeholders.

The installation team consists of talented electricians, overseen by our Project Management Team. Their dedication to detail and efficient project management tools leave no room for error. Projects are closely and continuously monitored to maintain an accurate up to date time schedule and budget. Craftsmanship is held to the highest standards -- our finished product is thoroughly inspected and must appear flawless prior to final completion. Client satisfaction is held in the highest regard.

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